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Rates & Services

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*All Services are Prepaid Both Office and Phone

                Psychic Reading 

  1  30 minute session           $75.00

  1  60 minute session           $150.00

 (2) 30 minute sessions      $140.00 (USD)   

 (2) 60 minute sessions     $280.00 (USD) 


During this reading you may want to discuss,

relationships, career, money and finances and

health. I will be more than happy to provide

answers to all of your questions.

                 Spiritual Counseling

30 minute session                   $75.00 (USD)

60 minute session                 $150.00 (USD)

 (2) 30 minute sessions           $140.00 (USD)   

 (2) 60 minute sessions         $280.00 (USD) 

 During this session, we (our spiritual family) will help you find positive ways to overcome obstacles, and putting pain and grief into perspective. This includes difficulty on the job, conflict with family or coworkers,



       Psychic Reading and Mediumship

    60 minutes                           $150.00 (USD)

During this reading we can discuss whatever

subject you would like to discuss. You will also

be able to connect with your loved one (s) who

have crossed over. What messages do your

loved ones have for you? What would you like

them to know? What do your spirit guides

and guardian angels have to say?


                     Gift Certificates

                  $10.00- and up (USD)

Treat yourself or your loved one to an experience they will never forget. The certificate can be used as cash value for any of the services listed here. *If the Certificate does not cover the price of the service, the difference must be paid using one of the preferred payment methods.

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