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Questions and Answers 


Q: Do you offer phone readings?

A: Yes. I am more than happy to provide your services over the phone.


Q: How does the process work?

A: The process works in 5 easy steps


Step 1: Select "Book Now" next to the service of your choice.


Step 2: Select an available Date and Time 

Step 3: Complete the short info page with your current contact information

Step 4:  Submit payment 

Please note: If you do not have a paypal account you can simply select pay by credit card

Step 5: Check your email for your appointment confirmation.


You will receive another confirmation email and reminder 24 hours prior to our session.

I will call you at the time of our scheduled phone session. 

Q: How do I pay for a reading? 

You may pay via this website:


  • Simply select "Book Now" next to the service of your choice

  • Select the available date and time 

  • Select your payment option

Q: I have purchased a phone reading. Do I need to call you at the time of my reading?

A: Not to worry. I will call you on the scheduled date and time of our appointment.  .

Q: So, you are a psychic and a medium?

A: Yes, I am both. Psychics receive information about events and people from the vibrational energy of a person, place, or thing. A medium communicates directly with spirits.


Q: What is the purpose of Spirit Contact?

A: Spirit contact helps to validate our belief that God, Heaven, or what some refer to as "The Other Side" exists. For those suffering from the loss of a loved one, contact with the spirit of a loved one can be an important therapeutic step in the journey through grief.


Q: Is contacting a spirit frightening?

A: Absolutely not! Spirit contact is a conversation with someone you love. The spirit who loves you is not going to upset you. A loved one in spirit wants you to be happy and at peace with his/her crossing to "The Other Side." Here’s how I look at it. Imagine yourself being around your family but you are unable to communicate with them. You can see them but they are unable to see you. You have an important message to tell them.  You really want them to know you are still here for them and you love them but there isn't anything you can do to relay the message. You can only hope that someone comes along who can see and/hear you so that you can pass your message on to your love ones. This is how I view the ones who have crossed over. This is why I do what I do.  


Q: What if I want to know about my future?

A: Many approach a reading wanting to know about their future.  No future is set in stone! We all have freewill to change our thoughts and actions at any time. However, what you do with the information is solely up to you. Please keep in mind it is YOU who has the decision making power to affect your own future in a seemingly negative or positive way.

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