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Heavenly Cleansing Spray (Now Available in 1oz, 4oz)

This is a ONE of A KIND product. This spiritually guided handmade formula can be used in many ways. It is most popularly used in the same way you would use sage. However, my product includes a number of elements that would set it aside from all others. It includes: 4 different types of waters, (one of them is moon water, sage, sweet grass, Himalayan Salt, essential oils with a host of other powerful herbs and cleansing ingredients. It will help you to BREAK AND CLEAR NEGATIVE ENERGY This spray is powerful and also includes powerful Reiki Energy, and you will notice a difference once you use it.

Some have coupled the Cleansing spray with the vibration spray. The cleansing Spray Cleanses Energy and the Vibration Spray Lifts the energy to a higher level of peace, light and positivity.


Below are a few examples of how clients have reportedly used the sprays.


  • MOST Popular Use- When you need to Cleanse your energy while at work (many have reported that they spray themselves when working around difficult coworkers. This clears the energy and allows them to work in a more peaceful environment) This is very convenient in work spaces because you may not be permitted burn sage in most work environments
  • When you need to clear a space of negative energy: home, work space, etc.
  • When you need to cleanse yourself after leaving a negative unhealthy environment.
  • When you need to clear your vehicle of negative energy
  • When you need to clear items of other's energy
  • Some pour small amounts in their laundry before washing to boost the cleansing of their items.
  • You can even use it Before or After confrontation (some have reported that it helps them to move forward quicker after a confrontation)

There are many ways you can use this spray. These are just a few reasons why this is such a wonderful convenient product.


Heavenly Cleansing Spray (Now Available in 1oz, 4oz)

  • This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease or illness. This product is for external use only!

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