5 Out of 8 Psychics Say Trump Will Win the 2020 Election

What Top Psychics Have to Say

The U.S. presidential election of 2020 has been the closest race the country has ever seen, and millions of people from all over the world have been intently following the results over the last two days. One thing is clear— that large margin that nearly every major poll predicted Biden would have is nowhere to be found. And we all remember how wrong they got it back in 2016.

We decided to interview a few of the top psychics we know to hear what they predict for the upcoming election.

Erin Kilmain

Based on the messages I have received from my visions, messages from my spirit guides, and the current energies surrounding the election, Donald Trump will be inaugurated on January 20th, 2021. Please keep in mind my prediction is based on the current energies surrounding the election and is not a representation of my own personal political choice. I do my best to keep my own opinion and political beliefs out of my psychic work. It is also entirely possible that the current energies I’m reading surrounding the election can shift and change, as nothing energetically is ever set in stone.

Pandrea Psychic Medium

Biden will win the election. I saw him in a vision smiling with his hands up with red white and blue confetti falling all around him and his party in celebration of his victory. I see president Trump and his party attempting to verify that this was a fair election with special concentration on mail in ballots.

Star Brown from Psychic Mix

Trump will win the election. Today we are shifting the reality of the planet. The world is currently under a great battle between the energies of good and evil – but not in the traditional sense. We need a strong and unemotional leader to govern the Western World. Whilst mainstream media have carefully designed the reputation of the current President of the United States, with an unbiased opinion it will be Trump who succeeds in this election. Trump is a Lightworker – as discussed and confirmed by many Psychics not just myself – who will maneuver the path going forward into and out of the COVID plague and onto a new world where love and sensibility will reign supreme.

The old way of leading a nation – and a world economy – has been left in the past. The auspicious full moon on Saturday the 31st shifted the negative reality of the world’s consciousness and raised it to a new level of positivity. Riots in the USA after this election will need to be dealt with swiftly as more and more people display their emotions concerning their inner angst that they are yet to explore. Biden is too weak, too dark and too influenced to lead the world forward instinctively. A businessman is needed who is independent and follows his heart and his gut rather than pander to a popularity contest.

The cards pulled showed many angelic beings surrounding Trump on this day and that he will have success and victory. I am also shown that he will overcome and succeed in uncovering the deceit and trickery from those in power. In the next four years – as a result of his leadership – the western world will ascend and shift to a higher vibration of love and equality and financial liberation.

NB: The above is not written according to any personal political preference of Star’s. The views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Psychic Mix.

Fran Tarot

Trump will win in a last minute landslide which Biden will hotly dispute with the nation and his lawyers!

There will be riots at the inauguration and Trump will get an egg thrown at him, but they will miss!

Gary Markwick

The last time there was an election in the USA, I was sure Trump was going to win. Although, this time I have mixed feelings. However, I will still say that Trump will win the campaign for this election.

David Zarza

Well I’ll be honest, predicting this race has been super tricky! Its fluctuated back and froth between Biden winning and then Trump doing so, but I’ve consistently seen Biden winning in more realities and eventualities. Although I have seen a complicated and bitter handoff by Trump. He will not let go easily, but I think the Democrats are ready for the evil genius’ ploys.

Tara Greene

2020 is an unprecedented ELECTION, just like the year 2020 has been so far. Never before in America’s history had two planets Retrograde on Election Day. Mercury, the planet of communications and analysis and MARS, the action, warring, defensive planet are both held back in the expression of their energies and the things they rule. MERCURY turns DIRECT November 3 at 9:50 am PST, 12:50 am EST in at 25+ degrees of LIBRA, the sign of JUSTICE indicating the Supreme Court will have to have the final say. Mercury is also squaring JUPITER, the planet of Truth and Justice, PLUTO, the planet of PLUTOCRATS, destruction, death and the shadow and SATURN planet of the Patriarchy, Karma and heavy limitations, Saturn is the symbol of the Grim Reaper.

The Trickster planet will guarantee the messing up of all ballots, communications snafus and media mayhem.

Mars ensures nothing will move forwards until November 13 when Mars turns Direct at 15+ ARIES, the sign of WAR and the Supreme Court. There will be NO decision on ELECTION day and not for weeks to come.

As a psychic I also use my intuition. I originally saw Biden being sworn in then Trump. I heard Trump say “We won, fair and Square.”

here’s the reason why with Astrology

December 14, 2020 SAGITTARIUS Total SOUTH NODE SOLAR Eclipse at 23 + occurs on the same day that the Electoral college Votes after the popular votes are cast and possibly ‘flipped’ or somehow tossed on Election Day.

This Eclipse is on Trump’s MOON opposite his Sun! South Nodes are releasing energies but also a dipping into past-history in this case, civics, politics and judges. =GOOD

NOTE that I am predicting, that according to what I am seeing in Joe Biden’s chart he has eclipses activating his 1st and 7th houses of Sagittarius/Gemini and that has been a success indicator of many U.S. Presidential wins.

This is a DÉJÀ VU of what happened in 2000 when Mercury was also Retrograde on Election day. The decision will go to the Supreme Court and newly sworn in Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who sat in on the 2000 case and will be very important. I predict the Supreme Court will rule in Donald Trump’s favor. Igniting a full-blown civil war with much violence.

I could go on and on, but I am calling a TRUMP win, even if Biden wins more votes, Trump’s re-election will be ordered by The Supreme Court and it wont be decided until December 14th Solar Eclipse.

Echo Bodine

I’ve had a couple of visions that indicate Joe Biden will be our next President and he’s going to do an excellent job. He pays little attention to Trump’s shenanigans.


It’s clear that different psychics feel different energies surrounding this election. The question is, which of these energies will prevail? With the race this close, it’s hard to know if the declared winner will remain the winner. Perhaps the Supreme Court will intervene, or there will be a recount. With so much uncertainty surrounding the results, the word of a psychic medium may truly be better than that of an analyst. The truth likely lies not in the numbers and on the surface, but rather in the energies hidden underneath.

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  • Pandrea Psychic Medium

Written by Chené Murphy Published on October 08, 2020

Interview with Pandrea Psychic Medium

We had the opportunity to speak to Pandrea Psychic Medium who shares her fascinating personal journey of discovering her ability and how she developed her gift into a passion for helping and guiding others with the help of her Spiritual Divine Family.

When did you first realize you have a psychic gift?

When I was 4 years old my grandmother would pick me up from the bus stop coming home from pre-school. One day, she was not there waiting for me. This was unusual. I remember walking around the building desperately looking for her but I could not find her. We lived approximately 9 blocks away and I had an idea of how to get home. I looked everywhere for someone to help me cross the street but there was no one in sight. Determined to get home, I decided to go it alone. There was one small issue, I had NEVER crossed the street by myself before. As I was about to step into the road a man placed his hand on my shoulder and offered to help me, I did not recognize this man, he was just like any other man except that he was transparent and I could see straight though him. As a child I did not question this, it just felt normal. He knew my family, called them by name and he walked me home. He never asked me where I lived. The whole time I felt completely safe with this person. As I approached my home, my mom caught sight of me and came up to meet me. She was very startled because I was not with my grandmother. She wanted to know how I got home. I desperately tried explaining to her that the man standing next to me brought me home. My mom was confused because she couldn’t see him. When I looked next to me again, he was gone. He was nowhere to be found. This experience stuck with me for a while. I could not understand why I could see him but my family couldn’t. At that point they realized something was wrong and my grandmother had actually passed away that day. Since that time, experiences like this had become more frequent. I remember attending elementary school and being able to see the people who founded the school in 1905. They were casually walking through the hallways. I recognized them from their old photos that were displayed. I can recall another incident at the age of 5 or 6 where I was able to describe to our neighbor’s daughter exactly what her home looked like without ever having been inside her home. I also remember seeing the spirit of a woman in a long night gown holding a cat. She was standing in the rubble of a home that was burned down years ago. She was just standing there smiling at me. None of this ever really bothered me, it was just natural. For as long as I could remember , I have been able to see and hear Spirit and be able to feel the energies of others. I grew up in a very strict religion which forbade me from questioning or looking into this, so I was going through all of this but never knew exactly what it was, I just knew I was able to do these things but could not learn more about it for fear of what religion had taught me. After leaving the state of Mississippi I found my voice, my truth and I was able to freely look into this and understand what I had been experiencing.

Was there anything that you felt you needed to do to deepen or develop your psychic abilities?

I believe it grew and developed naturally with time. However, I wanted to know more and understand as much as possible about why I had these abilities and how this was happening. I started reading everything I could get my hands on as far as psychic abilities and gifts. In reading these books I felt I was reading descriptions of myself because I was already doing the things I found in the books. I was just unfamiliar with the terminology, like being able to communicate with individuals in the afterlife is called mediumship etc. As I started to read more, I began to think I was doing something wrong because my experiences were different than those I read about. However, Heavenly Spiritual family was telling me all along that they have given me everything I needed. Each person’s journey/path is different therefore their experiences will be different than my own. If I could give advice to anyone who is interested in discovering their gifts it would be to allow your Divine Spiritual Family to lead you on your journey and trust the process.

Why did you choose to help people with their life challenges?

I have always had a passion for helping others. I worked in the healthcare field for many years. I enjoyed it very much. However, I couldn’t help feeling I was in the right area of my career but there was something else I needed to do career wise on a spiritual level. I believe I have been spiritually led to help people with their life’s challenges. Life Challenges can be difficult to overcome without knowledge, guidance and spiritual support. I use my spiritual abilities to help people navigate through those challenges with the help of our Divine Spiritual Family. To me there is nothing more rewarding than a sincere thank you and the gratitude of knowing that with the help of my spiritual family we’ve made a positive impact on someone’s life. It’s just an amazing experience all around and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I consider it a blessing to do so. When you are able to change one negative aspect in your life to a positive one it becomes a snowball effect. It motivates you to do more, which can lead to a deeper level of self-improvement and that can lead to a more positive life in general.

Could you tell us a bit more about energetic therapy and how this can benefit people?

Energetic Therapy helps to balance and harmonize an individual’s energy field. It encourages relaxation, promotes personal and spiritual growth, helps to relieve stress and anxiety and so much more. After my sessions, Individuals have reported that they feel lighter. They feel relaxed like a dark cloud has been lifted and they can actually move forward. It can seem difficult to go through life with ease when you feel restraints or you feel your path is blocked. It usually shows up in your Chakras and in your Aura. Working with that energy you are basically a clear conduit for the energy to flow through from you to the client. Following the session , we discuss the session which includes what I saw, heard and felt. They also relay their experiences as well. I am also a psychic medium so I also pick up other life messages for them as well. This gives them clarity and they can walk away with more information. I will also provide them with the tools to identify when their energy is at a low vibrational state and what needs to be done to clear or raise the energy. It is of utmost importance to keep your vibrations up to stay on the level that makes you feel light and happy. The higher you lift your vibrations, the closer you are to Spirit. Energetic Therapy can help you to do that and much more.

Do you have any advice for people to become more in tune with their intuition?

In order for people to become more in tune with their intuition I suggest meditation. Meditation is key. Your mind is the key. When you close your eyes, you are closing your eyes to outside distractions. This allows you to focus on the breath. When you are focused on the breath you are able to receive the messages from your intuition more clearly. These messages can come in the form of a feeling or a thought. Messages from your true intuition come from a place of love and light. It is not ego based and non-judgmental. It is universal truth that resonates with your spirit. Most importantly, allow spirit to lead you and trust the process.

  • Pandrea Psychic Medium