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            Pandrea International

       Psychic and Spiritual Medium


At the early age of 4, I began communicating with spirit and communicating with those who have crossed over. I thought this was “normal” until I realized I was the only one who could see these transparent individuals. I knew of events in advance and after they happened without any information regarding the situation. Meeting people for the first time and knowing their past, current, and future life experiences was a part of my everyday life. The information would just come to me. New places were not very "new" to me.

I would walk into a room and "see" everything that has happened from the past to the present.


In addition to Mediumship, I am also gifted in many other areas, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, and Claircognizance, just to name few. 


Because I knew these abilities were not widely accepted, I kept it a secret for a very long time. However, I feel I have been called to share these abilities and gifts with others. I have prayed and asked my spiritual family to light my path and guide me and so they have; continuously. I’ve had countless experiences and have crossed many paths. I have helped provide comfort and insight to many individuals / families and friends along the way.


It is certainly a blessing to have these amazing gifts. I humbly use them (with the help of my heavenly spiritual family), to help others gain loving messages and insight.

I would like the opportunity to help you and your family as well.

Please feel free to contact me for an appointment.


                                             Abundant Blessings,



Phone sessions are welcome!

    Areas covered include:

    Loving messages from loved ones who have crossed over



     Areas in life where clarity is needed





    Love and Relationships





    Career: New Opportunities &



    Guidance for Future Goals & Desires





    Inner Growth & Spiritual Counseling 

    Phone sessions are welcome. 

    ***Disclaimer: Messages you receive are not a substitute for advice, programs or treatment from a licensed medical, psychological, legal or financial professional. Pandrea Psychic Medium is not responsible for any interpretations, decisions made or actions taken by clients.

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