Chakra Necklace 
7th Chakra = Amethyst
6th Chakra = Lavender Jade
5th Chakra = Lapis Lazuli
4th Chakra = Green Moss Agate
3rd Chakra = Yellow Agate
2nd Chakra = Orange Agate 
1st Chakra = Red Agate


Additional Stones
Mother of Pearl; Opalite;

1st ROOT CHAKRA - Muladhara “I AM”
Color: Red/Black
Instinct, Security, Survival and Grounding
Gemstones: black onyx, basalt, obsidian, banded agate, hematite, sand, quartz, black tiger’s eye, smoky quartz, red garnet, red coral, and red tiger’s eye.

2nd SACRAL CHAKRA – Swadhisthana “I FEEL”
Color: Orange
Fluidity, Pleasure and sense of Self
Gemstones: fire agate, goldstone, orange aventurine, auburn chalcedony, orange banded agate, and crazy lace agate.

Color: Yellow
Will, Purpose and Strength
Gemstones: citrine, river shell, tiger’s eye, crazy lace agate, yellow jade and cherry quartz

4th HEART CHAKRA – Anahata “I LOVE”
Color: Green
Love, Compassion, Balance and Acceptance
Gemstones: green jade, green turquoise, banded green agate, Indian agate, African opal, and frogskin jasper.

5th THROAT CHAKRA – Vishuddha “I SPEAK”
Color: Blue
Communication, Creativity and Resonance
Gemstones: amanzonite, imperial jasper, turquoise, labradorite, navy goldstone, sodalite, lapis lazuli and banded blue agate.

6th BROW CHAKRA – Anja “I SEE”
Color: Indigo
Perception, Intuition and Imagination
Gemstones: amethyst, Indian agate, aurora quartz and purple agate.

7th CROWN CHAKRA – Sahasara “I KNOW”
Color: White/Gold
Wisdom, Knowledge and Spiritual Connection
Gemstones: blue lace agate, opalite quartz, conch shell, rose quartz, howlite and clear quartz.

Powerful Chakra Balancing & Protection Necklace