This Necklace is Handmade by Pandrea Psychic Medium.. Powerful Chakra Balancing & Protection Necklace & 3 types of Spiritual Pendants


Buddah Pendant- It is believed that the entire negativity gets destroyed by wearing Buddha pendant. It also generates a fighting spirit within the person so that he can fight against negative energies.


Angel wing- This symbol is related, of course, to angels, who symbolize protection, affection, and harmony. Angels provide hope and happiness, which is exactly what this necklace is supposed to do.


Hasma Hand- it symbolizes the interplay of the chakras, the energy flow in the body, the five senses, and the mudras that effect them.


Each finger has it’s own energy:

  • Thumb- Fire element, solar plexus chakra.
  • Forefinger- Air element, heart chakra.
  • Middle Finger- Ethereal elements, throat chakra.
  • Ring Finger- Earth element, root chakra.
  • Pinkie Finger- Water element, sacral chakra.


1st ROOT CHAKRA - Muladhara “I AM”
Color: Red/Black
Instinct, Security, Survival and Grounding
Gemstones: black onyx, basalt, obsidian, banded agate, hematite, sand, quartz, black tiger’s eye, smoky quartz, red garnet, red coral, and red tiger’s eye.

2nd SACRAL CHAKRA – Swadhisthana “I FEEL”
Color: Orange
Fluidity, Pleasure and sense of Self
Gemstones: fire agate, goldstone, orange aventurine, auburn chalcedony, orange banded agate, and crazy lace agate.

Color: Yellow
Will, Purpose and Strength
Gemstones: citrine, river shell, tiger’s eye, crazy lace agate, yellow jade and cherry quartz

4th HEART CHAKRA – Anahata “I LOVE”
Color: Green
Love, Compassion, Balance and Acceptance
Gemstones: green jade, green turquoise, banded green agate, Indian agate, African opal, and frogskin jasper.

5th THROAT CHAKRA – Vishuddha “I SPEAK”
Color: Blue
Communication, Creativity and Resonance
Gemstones: amanzonite, imperial jasper, turquoise, labradorite, navy goldstone, sodalite, lapis lazuli and banded blue agate.

6th BROW CHAKRA – Anja “I SEE”
Color: Indigo
Perception, Intuition and Imagination
Gemstones: amethyst, Indian agate, aurora quartz and purple agate.

7th CROWN CHAKRA – Sahasara “I KNOW”
Color: White/Gold
Wisdom, Knowledge and Spiritual Connection
Gemstones: blue lace agate, opalite quartz, conch shell, rose quartz, howlite and clear quartz.

Powerful Chakra Balancing & Protection Necklace